First Post, and Disclaimer.

30 12 2006

Two lovers of Gakuen Alice have gotten together, realised
…the manga is very long (and very nice).
Aerie (The group working on Gakuen Alice scanlations. Shoujomagic and Dragonvoice did some, too.) has a while to go to reach the current release status — more than 70 chapters and counting.
… we could spread the Gakuen Alice wuv with small releases while practising Photoshop skills and having a shiny copy of edited manga to look at, before we get the actual manga when Viz deigns to release it.

So we’re working on chapters, starting from Volume Six. Jennkei’s (I’m) working on Chapter 33 up, Enthyme’s working on chapter 29 up. Projected release is of 33 in three days, and 29 by next week. They’ll, naturally, be posted here, so keep an eye on this blog.

After every release, we’ll be looking for five comments before we release the next one. Why five? Because we’re human and we like to be reassured. šŸ™‚ And because it’s not meant for a mass release (Aerie expressed concerns about confusion, when we asked whether it was alright for us to do this.) — we don’t expect many people to read. So..five.

Do remember that the scanlations we do are not for sale, profit, or any commercial activity. We are doing this as a labour of love, and no money is being made off these scanlations. They are done by fans (us!) for fans (you!) and offer a mere preview of the great work Higuchi Tachibana has put into Gakuen Alice. So please, support her by buying the manga volumes when they come out in your area/language. They’re really nice. šŸ™‚

Lastly, please be gentle on us. It’s our first time editing manga — I do translation work for Obsession and Memory For You, but Enthyme’s completely new to the scanlating scene. So we’d like to extend a warm yoroshiku onegaishimasu, and please enjoy our releases.

P.S. I didn’t make a nice speshul Gakuen Alice blog template though I wanted to…because wouldn’t you rather I were working on scanlations, instead? šŸ˜‰

I suppose I didn’t make this clear…the reason we’re working on chapter 30+ rather than 18+ is, primarily, to give Aerie some air. We don’t want to compete directly with them.
They don’t want us to, either. (In fact, they were pretty leery about us doing this…they couldn’t see why we would want to. XD) As far as I know, no English scanlations of 18-28 exist yet. Wait for Aerie. šŸ™‚ Our aim is to catch up with the actual release (omg they’re already on volume ten. -sighs-) so we’re going forward instead of backward.

To find out what happens, I’d suggest you…
1. Watch the anime (some things overlap, not A LOT, but some. I think. I haven’t really read 18-28 so I can’t really say. XD)
2. Read Choco_Vanilla’s chapter summaries.
3. Hunt around for other summaries.
4. Just heck and pretend we’re starting a new story arc. XD
But really, that’s all I can say. Okay? šŸ™‚

Zhai’helleva, Stille’sawola,




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