Shingari iz Tono instead. :(

4 01 2007

First of all – I’m so sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I probably won’t be able to release chapter 29 this week as earlier hoped. However, I’m now able to edit full-time (for a few days) and HOPEFULLY it’ll be out next week. 😐

Oh, and a note from Jenn: Sorry about this, but in the previous chapter I incorrectly noted 殿内明良to be Shingari. Because his full name wasn’t shown, I got the wrong kanji reading. In subsequent chapters he’ll be referred to as Tonouchi Akira. So Shingari-senpai=same person as Tono-senpai. Righto. Foxy should also be Kitsuneme. XD Thanks to ChocoVanilla’s translations, which I just remembered to refer to. Heh.

Happy reading, and thanks for all the comments! ^_^ -runs back to editing-





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