Want to help JE? Help with editing?

12 01 2007

Edit: We currently have Naddie on board to help with editing..she’s working with chapter 36. 🙂 Because I’ve realised that I can’t churn out that many translations myself, meh, I’m withdrawing the need for help at the moment. Thank you to the few who offered, it is really much appreciated. 🙂

Heyla everyone,

If you know how to use Photoshop, have some time, and would like to help with our releases by editing, please email me at jennkei at gmail dot com. Of course, it’s preferable if you’ve editing experience, but as long as you’re willing to read up on tutorials (Storm in Heaven, Forever More, or just google manga scanlation editing tutorial and you’ll find a lot. XD) like we did, we’d gladly like to have you, too.

Editing involves “erasing” the text in boxes, and putting the translation given into the boxes, instead. Erasing isn’t as easy as it sounds, because the background can sometimes be a pattern, or part of something (person’s hair, leg, vaulted ceiling..) — much of the time, it includes judicious use of the marquee, polygonal lasso, or clone stamp tool, whichever you prefer, to make the “erasing” look as seamless as possible.

The reason we’re asking is because we’re aware that there’ll be times in uni when we get seriously bogged down with work, exams, or both. Translating would be easier to do, then, than editing. We don’t want to have zero releases for like two months while mugging, after all. XD

Zhai’helleva, Stille’sawola,




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