Aha! Chapter 34!

16 01 2007

-refrains from crowing- It FINALLY loaded! I think I tried at least ten times, it timed out so much. XD So..
Chapter 34!
Ahhh, this one nearly didn’t get released. XD

As always, five comments before next will be posted. Have fun!
GA Ch34: Depositfiles || Ziddu
Also included in this .zip is a replacement of one of the cover pages in Enthyme’s chapter 29 — I did it and forgot to send it to her so she could include it in her pack. XD So just extract it into the same folder as chapter 29. If you’re saving all of volume six in one folder, all the better, just overwrite the other. 🙂
Zhai’helleva, Stille’sawola,




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