Chapter 31!

30 01 2007

Whee! Chapter 31! -smiles happily- I actually finished this afternoon but blogger was cranky and being fussy about gmail and stuff. And Jenn ran into a lil bit of a problem with her internet, so we just solved it ^_^ Thank you to everyone who comments, Jenn and I are happy that we’re doing way better than the 5 comment thingy. =)

Once I finish chap 32 I’ll be able to go read vol 7, I’m just dying to know what happens. I’m sure you are too! Okay I know you know I know you know this but 5 comments, etc, etc we wuv you too!


Jenn says…In page two, Enthyme mistakenly wrote Tonouchi Akiyoshi, but the man’s name is Tonouchi Akira. Yup. 🙂 Tsko, Enthyme! 😉

Re-release of this chapter on 15th Oct 2008! Changes made: Changed Akiyoshi->Akira, separated double pages to single pages, added four missing pages (thanks to Anonymous for helping edit them!). Reuploaded below.
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Yes, there is a typo in the file name, please change it for yourself. XD
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