Released. Chapter 35!

8 02 2007

Heyla everyone. I realise I seem to have spent ages on this (to myself, and possibly to you XD) — there are a few reasons for this.
1. Translation of this was pretty horrendous. I worked with Japanese raws for this, so there was no more translating-while-I-edit. Because I had three versions of this chapter, and two I understood, I kept feeling like I had to cross reference. So my translation from the official Chinese tankouban was checked against the Japanese->Chinese scanlated version.
2. While I was doing this, Naddie very nicely offered to help us with editing. She’s working on chapter 36 at the moment. For her to do so, I had to stop doing 35 to translate chapter 36 for her — so I did half of it. XD And, again, more cross referencing.
3. You’d probably notice that this release is in single-page files, not double-page spreads. Well I thought this wouldn’t make a difference, but truth is, saying, “I have twenty pages more to go.” just REALLY makes you feel more lousy than “I have ten more to go.” even if the amount is exactly the same. Plus I stamped so many watermarks, I might actually make it into a brush. XD Or I’ll just continue dragging layers, I suppose..
4. Because it was a new volume, I had to do a few extra stuffses…summary page, credit page. I can’t really figure out who the 15-year-old version of that chap (after Iinchou, right at the start) is. Is it Tsubasa? But isn’t he already 15? O.o Please don’t tell me it’s Natsume…XD

P.S. Many, many thanks to Jo for the beautiful sketch she did of our chibi selves! And Enthyme for painstakingly photoshopping it so the lines were cleaner. I somehow managed to stuff it into the credit page, though it looks a tad awkward now…still, it’s pretty. 🙂 We’re a bit too tired to colour it so…unless someone offers, it’ll be in black and white. XD

But finally! Never mind it all. 35 is out! I’m off to translate the other half of 36. Five comments, please! Jenn, out.
GA Ch35: Depositfiles || Ziddu
And because the version on the credit page was much too tiny and sad…here’s a bigger one. 🙂 I’m supposed to be sitting on manga. Yes. Thanks again, Jo and Enthyme. 🙂 Zen hug!




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