Chapter 38–

16 03 2007

Woohoo! 38 is FINALLY out! I’ve been horribly busy with uni…so this is probably the last chapter until holidays that I’ll edit, cos I’m just really slow at it. XD So I’ll work together Naddie for future releases — I’ll translate, she’ll edit. 🙂 And Enthyme is still coming up with 32…she’s also been sick, and bogged down by reports and icky stuff like that.

I know this is late, for anyone who caught my remark last night, but I realised while checking it through that I’d forgotten to translated the “Read if you want” sidebar! Kitsuneme-kun give me some problems when i came to this. XD But finally got it done (thanks, Imman!) — so here you are. Five comments ’til the next release…
GA Ch38: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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