Chapter 32. :) [added]

1 05 2007

First of all, my greatest and most sincere apologies T-T for being so unreasonably lazy/procastinating etc with this chapter! First I had projects, while alternating with bouts of flu and cough, then I had exams which just ended yesterday. I finished it today, forgot everything about how to upload and had to pester poor Jennkei to help because silly me forgot to zip the folder. Yes, I forgot I had to zip the folder 😦 😦 😦

I wanted to finish it today because then everyone could have a nice Mayday reading the last chapter of vol6! Yay us, we finished a complete volume!

I went back and read every single comment. So touched that people think what we’re doing is worth doing ^_^ -does the happy dance- Okay! By now it’s quite routine, but yes, 5 comments, etc, etc, and thank you for all your continued support πŸ™‚

Enthyme wuvs you all very, very much!
GA Ch32: Depositfiles || Ziddu
Take your pick and enjoy ^_^

EDIT II – re the comments we got, I checked the links and changed them (something was weirdly wrong with the numbers, strange) and just put the new ones there. Hope they’re okay now! -worried-

Jenn: Hehe neesan, you forgot to title it too. -tickles- No problem, it’s okay, I’m glad it’s over and you’re free! πŸ™‚




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