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5 06 2007

UPDATE OF UPDATE. Naddie has told us she can’t do 41, so we’re getting Evenstar to help with it. :/ Sorry about the heavy workload so soon!! I just can’t edit, exams are in two weeks, and Enthyme is too tired with work to edit. XD That brings me to the next point..I know people have raised their desire to help with editing. Because the last time I asked was a few months ago, I’d like to ask those who’re (still?) interested to please email me at jennkei at gmail dot com. Preference for those who’ve edited manga before, simply because it’ll be easier for them. However, if you feel like you can edit to the quality you see in JE’s stuff you read, do feel free to email, too.
[below: old post]
While we love comments, no one loves being asked to hurry up. (No one likes update posts either, but yeah…) Yes, we are working on it. Ch43 is done but we’re trying to release chapters in order, (welcome Evenstar on board editing! :)) ch42 is 19/31 done, and ch41 will be worked on in reverse order. Relax, people. We’re not gonna abandon this any time soon.

We’re probably having a double release (41/42 or 42/43) some time soon, so look out for that.




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