Look, it’s…chapter 44!

6 07 2007

Makhan’s first edit. 🙂 He’s gonna be kinda freelancing with us for a bit, and has done lots of fast speedy work, so thank him. 🙂

I’m kinda tired of people continually asking about 19-28…I thought it was clear enough from the first post that we weren’t doing it. Recently got an email from Aerie saying they’re all ready to rev up again, so all the more reason we’re not covering that. In the same email, though, interestingly, we were probably referred to as the “enemy”. I’m not really sure about the hostility — from the start, we never wanted to “take (Aerie’s) title” — Gakuen Alice belongs solely to Higuchi-sensei, and all our labour is so we can spread the joy of this great manga. In fact, I’d rather see us as “collaborators” rather than “enemies”. It is not a race. There are more than forty chapters we are behind on.

But we will NOT release 19-28. Ever. Don’t mention it to us, I’ve repeated myself enough times. 😛

That said, do enjoy 44. Like someone commented in the previous post, Narumi x Yuka! Yes!

GA Ch44: Depositfiles || Ziddu

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