1 08 2007

….I am tired and I do NOT appreciate getting people continually asking when the next chapter is coming out. My net’s been woozy for a bit (blame Australian capping) but it’s finally not-so-dead. And now that uni’s started for me, much much less time. I didn’t want to release 46 before translation for 47 was ready…and I wasn’t doing that.

Our loyal people, thank you. We love you. Our rushed people, keep your sentiments to yourself. Or BE PATIENT. I think I’ll be heading to bed. Full post for links, as always.

GA Ch46: Depositfiles || Ziddu

And for the last time…we’re NOT AFFILIATED with the scan robbing (they pulled the credits page and never asked -_-) other place not worthy of mention, so stop asking when they’re putting it up. This is only 4-5meg! Is it that hard to download? O.o Or maybe it’s just me who’s never liked streaming…whatever.




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