Chaaapter 47!

13 09 2007

Hello there! 😀 Chapter 47 is up and running! Sorry it took so long. Kudos to all the patient people out there who are cheering us on! Makes me feel better whenever a less than patient tagger makes me a little blue -wry-

Jenn and I are also really amazed to see all the love for GA out there ^^ We have people asking us if we need editors and translators and raws and TLC (just gimme the TLC, if you ask me *inno*) and we definitely want the best we can get to get good translations to you guys. Wuv you all.

It’s really heart-warming to see all the taggers. Thanks for making our day(s)!


P.S. The comic strip and the profile this chapter are UNTRANSLATED. This is a regret on my part… but then the Chinese version does not have the comic strip and the profile was typed in such small characters I couldn’t see them if I zoomed out and if I zoomed in it became disgustingly blurry. Just a head’s up.

We work hard on these and hope to bring a smile to your face, but we hope no one smiles because they’re just doing the equivalent of selling our baby on the black market. We do not sell babies on the black market and neither should anyone. If our permission is asked, we’ll gladly share the GA love with whoever (we do put our stuff up for downloading…) So. It would be nice not to see our scans, somewhere we did not allow, minus our credits page. Yay to all the legitimate people who are reading this and have a desire to buy the real thing one day to support Higuchi-sensei!

GA Ch47: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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