DOUBLE RELEASE! Chapters 49 and 50.

22 11 2007

Heyla everyone. It is the 22nd, and it is an auspicious day. (My favourite number, after all.) That’s why we’re (finally..) releasing. And it’s a double! You guys might have heard there’s some rather interesting interaction going on in these 63 pages of goodness. πŸ˜›

Thank you to Kineta/Allie for working on Chapter 50, you’re a gem. Thank you also to all those who offered to help. Because of spam in mail and other..stuff, we might have missed some people. Sorry about that. :/ All in all I’d say about twenty people mailed, but only seven replied with completed trials. πŸ˜›

These include..
cecilian (cilee) pg 81-84
jacqueline pg 71-74
allie (kineta) pg 81-84 (doing ch50)
eve (yvonne jiang) pg 95-97
kelly (sparky336699) pg 98-100
melanie (corinna) pg 88-91
Chaeji: whose file format we couldn’t read

We’ve tried to use as much work as we can from these contributions in our chapter 49, which is why the editing style might be a tad…uneven. XD Thank you to all these people, and also to all the GA fans out there still waiting. Patient bunch, most of you. πŸ™‚

To those who aren’t, away with you! And by the way, to German person, if you have uncomplimentary things to say about our releases, why, simple then, don’t read them. I’ll also have you know that just because people offer to help, it doesn’t mean they necessarily pull through. Quite a few people had no idea what manga editing was about. Even though we tried to explain, it -is- easier for us to get someone who at least knows what he/she is doing. Just ask Enthyme. She’s sent so many trials out, she couldn’t really keep track of what’d gone where. Thank goodness for gmail search.

Alright, after that somewhat-rant…here are your precious links. πŸ˜›
GA Ch49: Depositfiles || Ziddu
GA Ch50: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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