v9 Omake..

24 12 2007

Hey guys, I wanted to release this with 52 but it seems we’re a bit delayed with that. (Hope you’re alright, Allie! Don’t stress, ya.) So I’m releasing the omake first..it’s short, but well..XD Thanks to Luzzy for helping to work on this. ^^ And sorry it took a while to get it up. XD (It was ready by the time 51 was released..XD)

By the way, I’ve been thinking on working on another of Higuchi-sensei’s manga – M to N no Shouzou. What do you guys think? Wanna read that one? 😛 It’s a pretty quirky manga, go check out a summary.

That said, merry christmas!
GA v9 Omake: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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