Chap 53 of volume 10, rumble~

9 01 2008
Edit: Sorry, I just realised it sounded like we’d released the whole vol when I meant we’d started it. XD We’re working on two chapters at the moment!! But the editors have taken a while with them..I guess they’re busy too. 😦

Hey guys. 🙂 Haha like someone commented, it’d have been nice if this’d been released during the New Year’s. That -is- what I had planned, and it -was- kinda ready, but I wanted to wait for the next translation to be completed. (That, and I admit I was lazy to QC it on New Year’s. XD) In any case, you get it now. Pretty early! Just a lil’ over a week since the last one, so enjoy.

GA Ch53: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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