Chapter 56 – Hanazonokai.

18 03 2008
Heh nearly forgot to release. 🙂 I don’t have much to say, except that Enthyme seems to be retiring. So I won’t bug her for translations any more. Luzzy has been helping with translations, though, so thanks to her this release won’t have the pesky Chinese->English thing. 🙂 If you translate Jap or Chinese->Eng, have a good grasp of both languages, and would like to help JE, please contact me. Thanks. (jennkei at gmail dot com)
GA Ch56: Depositfiles || Ziddu
Since I’m here I might as well say…we are NEVAR gonna do 20-28. Stop asking us to, stop asking us when. The reason is simple. It’s gonna be released in English in America, if not here, before chapter, say, 60-68 arrives. Why? Cos it’s in an earlier volume. XD So we’re going ahead. Hey, you should be happy we’re even going ahead. XD



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