A…what? Moyashimon ch61?!

7 07 2008
Haha. First up, apologies to everyone who thought I’d updated super-super fast with another GA release. Alas! It’s a different manga — Moyashimon. I reassure you guys, though, GA chapters 60 and 61 are already at the editors’. You’ll be gettin’ ’em soon. 🙂 Thanks to Necroseer and higuys for helping me with some spot translations! Also, my French geography and wine knowledge are both lacking, so if you find any mistakes…it’s cos I suck. XD Raws were posted up by NFKira here, I tried to register on the page but it never sent me an activation mail. 😦 (I checked spam) So if you scanned this in and would like to be acknowledged, please comment here/email! Three comments, please, before next Moyashimon release.

I wanted to take a break, and it was either this or M to N no Shouzou. Unfortunately, M to N is as hard to edit as GA (Higuchi-sensei, doushite??) — and I had Moyashimon lying around, PLUS it’s super-easy to edit. Even a dunce like me can do it. ^^ Hell, even a dunce like me drugged up with painkillers (I’m hoping my wisdom tooth extractions heal up fast!) could do it quick.

I direct you over to Mangaupdate’s page for more info regarding Moyashimon, a delightful story about microbes. You don’t see that much in this chapter, though, unfortunately. Enjoy!

P.S. The random phrases at the side, like ‘Misaki’s hair is loooonng’ and ‘Feel the wind’, were in the actual manga.
P.P.S I’m setting a three-comment thing like for GA at first, just to make sure people actually read this manga..XD If not, I’ll go do something else.

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