UPDATED – Double release- ch60+61

22 09 2008
Gwargh. First up, sorry to my editors – Mel (chapter 60 is her first release, and an awesome one it is too, all hail Mel!) and Cilee. They sent me these chapters ~/> a month ago, and I’ve only got around to checking them. -_- I suck. T_T Yeah, uni stuff, takes backseat to GA, unfortunately.

Also, someone helpful but wishing to remain anon has brought my attention to some missing pages in one of our old, old releases…I’ve translated them, and said person has helped edit them. Unfortunately…I’m not sure where the file for that is, so I’ll have to hunt around my email/hard drive. But I’ve not forgotten! (And your other mail too — I’ve just been too busy, sorry again. T_T)

Since uni stuff is still ongoing, no more releases until at least mid-end Nov. But hey, at least double release this time, yea?! XD I’m not sure if I’m continuing GA, even…there’re so many other people scanlating it now, it’s kinda confusing. Maybe I’ll just do Moyashimon since it’s easier. XD And look for an editor for M to N. So…what do you guys think? GA will be fine without JE? 🙂 Do comment.

Note: Ch60 was borked because I used Photoshop’s batching thing and forgot about an extra file I had in the directory. Should be fine now!
GA Ch60: Depositfiles || Ziddu
GA Ch61: Depositfiles || Ziddu




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7 01 2009
Reina aka queenofsorcery

hi there! thanks so much for the GA scanlations… i really love and like them! Your scanlated manga of GA is one of the best GA scanlations i’ve read… i find them neat and pleasing to the eye! Hahaha.

I honestly hope that you continue scanlating GA. But as always, it’s your choice you people have your lives to live… and yeah uni/college life could be a pain at lot of times… so there, ganbatte!^.~

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