Recruiting editors/translators.

11 11 2008
Alright, so I’m gonna be driving JE again after next week, but might as well give a week’s advance notice…it’s been a while since I’ve contacted the editors who helped in the past, but if any of you are still interested, please email me. (jennkei at gmail dot com) We’re looking for..

2x editors, 1x translator (preferably Jap->Eng) for Gakuen Alice
1x editor for Moyashimon
(JE is gonna do chapters 61-71, I believe.)
1x editor, 1x translator (preferably Jap->Eng) for M to N no Shouzou

Editors should be able to use Photoshop or whichever image editing program they like — editing is NOT proofreading, it’s cleaning the scans/putting the English text onto the scans. People with manga editing experience are more likely to be chosen, simply because it’s easier for everyone involved. Please state which position you’d like to go for. I think at the moment we’ll only accept one position per person, or I might get confused. XD




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31 12 2008

I can edit. i have alot of free time and i’m on the computer most of the time. I have a little bit of problems cleaning the scan well but you’ll be able to see all the text done. lol. i have done it before but for my own leisure. i’ve been practicing. lol.

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