Moyashimon Ch62..

24 11 2008
We are still looking for staff, specifically for M to N no Shouzou and Gakuen Alice — hopefully experienced ones, because those aren’t easy to edit or translate. Please email me – jennkei at gmail dot com – if you’d like to help. Thanksew.

No more full post thingo with the new template, but please do comment if you’re getting the chapter. Please comment with specific blogspot templates to suggest (for this site), too…I’m really sick of the blogspot boring ole ones, but it’s so annoying to modify. 😦

Moyashimon Ch62: Depositfiles || Ziddu || Read Online (Gallery)

Also…the individual files can be accessed online at the Moyashimon ch62 {JE} gallery. The interface is reasonably clean (box at left brings you to next or previous file), and it’s pretty easy for me to upload there. If not enough people use it, I won’t upload the next chapter there. XD




2 responses

22 12 2008

I’m really glad you’re scanlating moyashimon. i watched the anime and liked it but was disappointed because gekkoukan scanlated 2 chapters before dropping it.

23 12 2008

thanks for releasing moyashimon, I really loved the anime, Moyashimon is one off the best anime I’ve seen in my life, and I really apreciate your hard work for translatting the manga

is chapter 61 just after the anime finished?


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