MarioHolic Chapter 4 \o/

29 11 2008

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Today, I bring to you…a new chapter of a new manga? Why, you ask?
1. I vaguely lack staff for other releases. Result from previous recruiting drive: Marion to help translate M to N no Shouzou, Hazel to edit GA. Need more editors/translator people! No staff = no releases.
2. I’m tired of translating wine stuff. (read: Moyashimon)
3. I have someone who wanted to help me edit/help translate this one. (Thanks, dear. :))

It’s called Maria+Holic, or Maria Holic, or Mariaholic. But I tend to typo it Marioholic for some reason. It’s quirky, and quite funny, and reminds me slightly, just slightly of GA. (Is Kanako a bit like Mikan? XD) I think it was the ‘dear mother in heaven’ parts, and the being played tricks on. There were parts where Mikan wrote letters to her grandpa too. 🙂

MariaHolic is a funny romp around a girls’ school, involving a trap, and a main character physically allergic to men. It comes out on anime next season (Winter; Jan 2009). Just…read it. Or look at the gallery if you want to give it a spin. The first three chapters are uncredited; I found it via a link on some forum I have forgotten. If you did these three chapters, please comment/email me with YOUR links and or site so I can credit you/modify this! I have since been told it was done via 4chan. -wry- I’m not sure if there’s a specific person involved, so I’ll just wait for more info. The mediafire link is included below, I mirrored it to 4shared, and have also uploaded separate files for people who just wanna sample the first chapter/are missing a specific chapter.

Maria Holic Ch1 – Uncredited: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page
Maria Holic 1 to 3 – Uncredited: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page || Read Online (Gallery)
Maria Holic Ch2 – Uncredited: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page
Maria Holic Ch3 – Uncredited: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page
Maria Holic Ch4: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page




5 responses

25 12 2008

=O comments r blank……
neway i just found out about this manga and i wanna read it xD. i can help edit or help ne other way too…. tho im not that good

25 12 2008

i reli reli reli wanna read this manga so plwease pwease pwease dont stop scanlating

26 12 2008

That’s cos most of the comments are on the old site. -wry-

Yes, we are working on this. It’s harder than expected because we insist on doing the sfx..

31 12 2008

i thought you guys did a fantastic job, i can’t wait for the next release :]
i love this manga already!

31 12 2008

Oh holy freakin’ wow, this manga is just sooo irresistible! And the anime is quite funny too! This thing’s got my heart palpitating at rates I never knew were possible! Thank you so very much for your releases and PLEASE continue to do your best~! *besos y brazos*

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