M to N no Shouzou v2 ch9 + y halo thar

17 12 2008

Welcome to the new home of JE Scanlations. Hopefully, we’ll achieve bigger and better things with WordPress, including a page where I can consolidate download links. πŸ™‚ Please read the Policy page for important info regarding putting up our releases elsewhere. For now, enjoy chapter 9 of M to N no Shouzou.

Thank you for the combined efforts of awesome Amanda and marvellous Marion (groan at my alliteration!) for this one — any delays are completely on my part, since both were very timely with their chapters. πŸ™‚ Especially Amanda! Woohoo!

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18 12 2008

Thanks a lot!!!!!:D

18 12 2008

thank you, thank you sooo much for this! I really like this manga and I’m so happy to see a new chapter!! thanks again for your hard work! ❀

18 12 2008

Thanx a lot for the chapter, hope to see more of it in the future.

Please don’t drop gakuen alice, it won’t be the same anymore… without JE’s quality scanlations… I’m sure the fans are willing to wait for a long time for it…

18 12 2008

Thank you so much for this release! M to N is a wonderful series and I’m so happy that you’ve taken it up. A wonderful almost-Christmas present indeed πŸ™‚

18 12 2008

@anon: I emailed you, dear. XD

@nimi: Ohoho, if you’re looking for a Christmas present, we do have one…or maybe two…coming up. πŸ˜€ Heeheehee.

18 12 2008

HOLY CRAP. you guys are released M to N no SHouzou! I love that manga, too bad no one worked on it.. until now! Thank you guys so much!!!

18 12 2008

yay! thanks so much for this release. This is such a funny series, and you guys do a great job.

18 12 2008

Oh, congratulations on moving to a new site! And thanks for the scans πŸ˜€

18 12 2008

Thank you for bringing us a new chapter, I missed M to N. I’m really glad you guys took it up, it’s a lovely manga. You guys are also lovely =D

18 12 2008

I love M&N! Thank you so much for this release!! I am ecstatic! Yaaay, Higuchi-sensei~

19 12 2008

Wow!!! You guys are awesome!!!
I’ve been praying for the next release of this series, thank you very much ^___^ I really appreciate the effort of the staff =D

19 12 2008

Thanks for the chapter of M & N! I applaud your efforts! Keep up the good work!

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