Gakuen Alice Chapter 62 – and an announcement

4 01 2009

It’s late/early at 5am, so I’ll cut the long story short. After more than five volumes and over 30 chapters, JE is finally stopping scanlation of this wonderful series.

I guess the last straw was this strange but probably well-meaning commenter asking (yet again) for us not to stop scanlating, and to ‘upload chapters 62-65 cos I can’t find it’ — newsflash, dearie, they weren’t done. -_- I was tired (up early again) so my reply was kinda grouchy.

I’ll thank people in an official post with our last GA chapter (I think it’s 65) — but yeah, the main reason is because it’s licensed and available, not to mention other groups are doing it. (We’re touched that you guys think we do it well, but honestly, from 66 on it’ll start to be duplicate work..Also –>) Please buy the manga since they’ve been releasing at a steady pace. ( is an awesome place for rather cheap manga that offers free shipping to boot; I’ve bought from them, and will definitely do so again.) I have a few volumes, and I attest that Tokyopop did a decent job with it. (I only give it a ‘decent’, because not all the sfx were translated. -wry-)

So yeah. Fair warning given. In the meantime, enjoy 62, and comment if you liked it, or to encourage the wonderful Marion to translate 65, thank hazel for this chapter, or encourage Amanda, who’s working on editing 63. (Not to say bye to JE doing GA yet, please do that in the last GA release post. XD)

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4 01 2009

thank you for the new chapter! keep up with the good work.

5 01 2009

Awww What a bummer man!!! I’ve followed you guys so farrr!!! You guys DO scanlate things well!!! Have you seen other scans of GA?? They’re pretty bad. Not all but a lot. Alright well thank you thannkk you so much!!! You guys will always rock. Here’s to your soon relief of GA and all the bad that goes with it! Cheers!

Edit: Ooh hey in the US there has been 5 volumes released–I bought them all. teee They release a volume every three months. just so you know I’m a supporter!! hehe

6 01 2009

Thanks so much for the new GA!! πŸ˜€ sucks that you won’t be scanlating anymore, but good luck with your other projects!! πŸ™‚

7 01 2009

uhm…this is my first time to download a manga…so can you help? anyone? πŸ™‚ uhm…what kind of program do i need to be able to open it? thnks so much!!! (:

7 01 2009

calie: Use winrar. Or you can use your browser to extract the files by visiting

7 01 2009

πŸ˜€ thnks very much!!! you have a good heart!! Godbless!!!

8 01 2009


Man,I love this series and you guys do it so well too. I can’t believe I’ll have to spend 4 hours googleling looking for another place where they translate it. I think I’m going to die. Not really I’m not emo still it’s too bad cause I love you guys. I loved Maria Holic and I’m going to follow it…so please don’t stop scanlating especially when it starts getting good =P
Oh well…
Keep up the good work and thanks for everythibg

Love Ya ^^

11 01 2009

thank you somuch for all the hard work!! You guys did an amazing job with GA and I hope you guys will do just a couple more chapters but even if you don’t; you guys are still great. Thank you so much and good luck with your other projects.

12 01 2009

Thanks for the scanlation!

12 01 2009

Thank you very much for the new release!

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