Maria Holic Chapter 7

21 01 2009

Uploading this was such a pain, then I found an error on the credits and had to reupload it all over again. So release on 21st instead of 20th. -sheepish- Should have known better than to set it on a Tuesday night when I have work Mon and Tues.. -yawns-


Note: Password is repostmenot. There won’t be a non-passworded version since uploading the first time was bad enough. ._. Internet’s being weird.

Maria Holic Ch7: Ziddu || 4shared || Read Online (Gallery)




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21 01 2009

Ah~ thanks for another great job with this release. I’m enjoying Maria Holic very much right now. With the anime included, it makes it more enjoyable for me to read it even more. I can’t wait for the next release. Keep up with the good work! XD

21 01 2009

thank you for for the new release.

21 01 2009

Thanks again for another wonderful release… Keep up the good work… =)

21 01 2009

thanks for the chapter 😀

22 01 2009

Thanks tons XD

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