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21 01 2009

Once more – delay was to draw traffic to the new site (rather than the old site, where people were still going, but it’s not up to date), and it was something that a previous site that actually asked if they could host our releases told me about in the first place. Also, animea’s pay to upload/pay to spot system was a bit hrm. Nonetheless, they have a good manga reader going on there, so go visit if you like those things.

I give my staff two weeks, but of course I’m happy if they finish early. If not, they can take up to a month, just tell me…or I’ll get worried (both for them and for the release -wry-). While two weeks may seem long to a leecher, it’s what other groups do. I’m referencing Storm in Heaven here because they’re a pretty big group – “We’re fairly loose with deadlines; two weeks for a normal-sized chapter would be wonderful, but up to a month is fine.” They also say… “We ask that other sites do not host our projects.” So it’s really not something new. -shrugs-

Gakuen Alice – Amanda’s editing c63, Hazel’s editing ch64, Marion’s done with translating ch65. Like I said previously…ch65 is our last one.

Maria Holic – Check the mangaupdates page to find out who’s doing subsequent chapters.
For the record, I never said anything about gg stealing translations. Not sure where this rumour came from, since the only time I’ve commented on their releases was to thank them for ep 1 of Maria Holic. I’m sure they can do their own trans.

And yes, we mistakenly translated Mariya to Maria. I was confused. Latest chapter should have it up as ‘Mariya’.

M to N no ShouzouMarion -might- be translating this, but we’ll have to see if Amanda gets back to us, or we won’t have an editor to edit this… ._. Will email you, Marion, sorry ’bout the lag! Gonna contact Esthetique to see if they’d like to continue this one.




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