Thank you, moving on now..

22 01 2009

New notes: Marion’s shackin’ up with Fateful Encounters to work on M to N no Shouzou — please keep an eye out for their releases (though they’ll be starting from 1 ._.) Also, yes…we’ll be releasing 63-65…but 63 has been lost in transit so might have to work on it again. ._. If some other group would like to do those, be my guest. XD (But I have 64 which I’ll try to put up by ASAP.)

In short, yes, JE’s done. After about 2 years and very laggy releases, acting with a skeleton crew of nonetheless wonderful and enthusiastic people, we’re gonna wrap up with (hopefully) GA 64 and 65…when I get them. (Please don’t abandon me, hazel?! XD) I’m getting busier, and would like to focus on other things. It’s not a sudden decision — work can get anyone bogged down. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, now; just thought it was a phase and that I’d actually really like to continue. Doesn’t quite seem so. -wry- So! Enough about me — Thank you very very very much to everyone who’s helped. (in no particular order) Marion, Hazel, Amanda, Auri, Necroseer, Immanuel, Naddie, Anon, Evenstar, jacqueline, luzzy, kineta, cilee, mel, carrie, and last but certainly not least, Enthyme. Neesan, who first enjoyed GA and whom the E in JE stands for. It’s been wonderful working with you guys. (Even though half of you won’t be reading this. -wry-) I hope I haven’t missed out a name. -paranoid-Β  …I knew I should have kept updated staff lists. XD

Everyone who’s offered to help, thank you as well; I’m sorry if I missed some emails — for most of the trials we send out, we never get a word back if someone decides not to do it. XD That’s fine, though; mostly people either have no time or realise they just can’t do it easily. Or I missed the return mail. SORRY! I admit I’m bad at staff organisation. T_T

For people reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed our releases. Please continue to support the mangaka by buying their work whenever you can, be it in Japanese (look at the pretty pictures :P), or your language. πŸ™‚




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22 01 2009
Matthias Duran

Too bad man, Thanks a lot for the things you did, We appreciate all of it

22 01 2009

😦 WAAAAAAAAAA im gonna miss youh 😦 i cnt take this * runs to the corner and sulks* 😦

22 01 2009

Nooooo wayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Aghh I can’t, I don’t want to, complain but stiiiilllll!!!!!!! Aww you guys, thank you so much for bringing GA to us. I love you all! heyyy, I never understood what “-wry” meant.

22 01 2009

Thanks for all the hard work guys – i didn’t really ever mind the whole repost policy, after all i dl it for my enjoyment =) Thanks for everything till now.

23 01 2009

OMG! Nooooo…this can’t be happening! But I guess we all have to face reality in the face and say our good byes, but honestly you all have done a great job with the releases. You will all be missed…I still contemplate a comeback from you all. Yep, I’d like to keep my hopes up!

Thanks again for the wonderful work you all have done! Have a great future! XD

24 01 2009

Thanks for your hard work for the past 2 years! You guys did a wonderful job. It is sad to see this day but you have to move on with your lives. I’ve enjoyed your projects thoroughly. Once again, thank you very much! Have a great future (copied angel_warrior1 πŸ˜› )

29 01 2009

Nooooo. I’m not going to bloody abandon you! xDD *Huggles Jenn*

Oro? So we’ll stop at GA Ch.65, then? =o
( What about M to N & Mariaholic? )

29 01 2009
tsukimori len

not fair to disappear like that, you were the only ones doing gakuen alice properly chapter by chapter. but i guess choice is yours. thanks for the releases up to now.

will miss you.

ps: where can i find the gakuen alice ch64 and 63? i can’t find it on your site.

3 02 2009

@ Tsukimori Len:
( La Corda d’Oro reference! =3 )
It’s very nice of you to say that the group does GA properly. *w* Thank you!

As for your P.S., you can’t find GA Ch. 63 & Ch.64 because they have not been uploaded yet. xD;; Jenn’s still doing QC for both chapters.
( I believe Ch.63 has been handed in as well now, Jenn? =D )

3 02 2009
tsukimori len

Hi Hazel,

hi thank you for the reply. will wait patiently for the release to come in near future.

thank you for all the hard work up to now.


4 02 2009


Oh, no problem. =D
I’ll get to Ch.65 as fast as I can; and suggest that maybe we’d have our last release as a triple release! xD As we’re “moving on”, might as well do so with a BANG, yes?

Thank YOU for your support up until now!

18 02 2009

Yes, that’s the end…

As for M to N, I’m still struggling to try to find a solution, and e-mailed a number of people… Just waiting for the answers. As Jenn would say, -wry- . XD

And some other team is doing Maria Holic, so I guess it should be okay… As long as the otaku readers get their drug. X3

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