Previous Staff

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

jennkei: lazy admin, C->E translator, random editing, proofing
hazel: editor for Gakuen Alice
Marion: J->E translator for Gakuen Alice, M to N
necroseer: editor for Maria Holic
Amanda: editor for M to N no Shouzou

Enthyme doesn’t really like unfinished manga, but will make an exception for Gakuen Alice. Enthyme is about to start another semester of university, after which productivity will drop drastically. Also, Enthyme likes cute. 😉 (that’s why she likes GA so much!) (C->E Translator)
Naddie loves manga (well, duh) and fangirling over them to bits x) (Editor)
Evenstar thinks it’s weird that 10 year olds have love triangles and all that but is willing to overlook that coz it’s a great story. (Editor) Evenstar is taking A levels for university and can’t help liking Tsubasa a whole lot though Natsume’s hotter.
-Roaming about the madhouse, we also had…the elegant kineta, exuberant jacqueline, effervescent luzzy, exciting cilee, and awesome mel. Anon also helped to spot/edit some missing pages in an older release. 🙂

Please tell me if I’ve forgotten you! I know all your work and appreciate it tons, but I have a horrible memory. XD


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