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22 01 2009

New notes: Marion’s shackin’ up with Fateful Encounters to work on M to N no Shouzou — please keep an eye out for their releases (though they’ll be starting from 1 ._.) Also, yes…we’ll be releasing 63-65…but 63 has been lost in transit so might have to work on it again. ._. If some other group would like to do those, be my guest. XD (But I have 64 which I’ll try to put up by ASAP.)

In short, yes, JE’s done. After about 2 years and very laggy releases, acting with a skeleton crew of nonetheless wonderful and enthusiastic people, we’re gonna wrap up with (hopefully) GA 64 and 65…when I get them. (Please don’t abandon me, hazel?! XD) I’m getting busier, and would like to focus on other things. It’s not a sudden decision — work can get anyone bogged down. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, now; just thought it was a phase and that I’d actually really like to continue. Doesn’t quite seem so. -wry- So! Enough about me — Thank you very very very much to everyone who’s helped. (in no particular order) Marion, Hazel, Amanda, Auri, Necroseer, Immanuel, Naddie, Anon, Evenstar, jacqueline, luzzy, kineta, cilee, mel, carrie, and last but certainly not least, Enthyme. Neesan, who first enjoyed GA and whom the E in JE stands for. It’s been wonderful working with you guys. (Even though half of you won’t be reading this. -wry-) I hope I haven’t missed out a name. -paranoid-  …I knew I should have kept updated staff lists. XD

Everyone who’s offered to help, thank you as well; I’m sorry if I missed some emails — for most of the trials we send out, we never get a word back if someone decides not to do it. XD That’s fine, though; mostly people either have no time or realise they just can’t do it easily. Or I missed the return mail. SORRY! I admit I’m bad at staff organisation. T_T

For people reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed our releases. Please continue to support the mangaka by buying their work whenever you can, be it in Japanese (look at the pretty pictures :P), or your language. 🙂


Status updates..

21 01 2009

Once more – delay was to draw traffic to the new site (rather than the old site, where people were still going, but it’s not up to date), and it was something that a previous site that actually asked if they could host our releases told me about in the first place. Also, animea’s pay to upload/pay to spot system was a bit hrm. Nonetheless, they have a good manga reader going on there, so go visit if you like those things.

I give my staff two weeks, but of course I’m happy if they finish early. If not, they can take up to a month, just tell me…or I’ll get worried (both for them and for the release -wry-). While two weeks may seem long to a leecher, it’s what other groups do. I’m referencing Storm in Heaven here because they’re a pretty big group – “We’re fairly loose with deadlines; two weeks for a normal-sized chapter would be wonderful, but up to a month is fine.” They also say… “We ask that other sites do not host our projects.” So it’s really not something new. -shrugs-

Gakuen Alice – Amanda’s editing c63, Hazel’s editing ch64, Marion’s done with translating ch65. Like I said previously…ch65 is our last one.

Maria Holic – Check the mangaupdates page to find out who’s doing subsequent chapters.
For the record, I never said anything about gg stealing translations. Not sure where this rumour came from, since the only time I’ve commented on their releases was to thank them for ep 1 of Maria Holic. I’m sure they can do their own trans.

And yes, we mistakenly translated Mariya to Maria. I was confused. Latest chapter should have it up as ‘Mariya’.

M to N no ShouzouMarion -might- be translating this, but we’ll have to see if Amanda gets back to us, or we won’t have an editor to edit this… ._. Will email you, Marion, sorry ’bout the lag! Gonna contact Esthetique to see if they’d like to continue this one.

Maria Holic Chapter 7

21 01 2009

Uploading this was such a pain, then I found an error on the credits and had to reupload it all over again. So release on 21st instead of 20th. -sheepish- Should have known better than to set it on a Tuesday night when I have work Mon and Tues.. -yawns-


Note: Password is repostmenot. There won’t be a non-passworded version since uploading the first time was bad enough. ._. Internet’s being weird.

Maria Holic Ch7: Ziddu || 4shared || Read Online (Gallery)

Maria Holic ch 6~

11 01 2009

Thank you. Enjoy the release.

By the way, if you’re using the shareapic gallery and Firefox, setting adblockplus on will stop most of the ads. XD I really should look for another image gallery site, but I have the uploader here, and none of the others I tried really seem to fit…ah well.
Maria Holic Ch6: Ziddu || 4shared || Read Online (Gallery)
NOTE: the password for the rar file on the Ziddu upload is donotrepost. For non-passworded options, use the 4shared link.

Maria Holic chapter 5!

5 01 2009

Edit edit: Links back. Also, Mediafire won’t work since I hear they’re somewhat strict; anyone knows of a free lenient hosting site which allows multiple downloads at a time?

Original Post: Just a really quick post before I dash for work. (One minute left! XD)

Comment if you likes, please. It really cheers us up. 🙂 Please read policy/faq regarding putting our releases up elsewhere.

Maria Holic Ch5: 4shared || Ziddu || Read Online (Gallery)

Gakuen Alice Chapter 62 – and an announcement

4 01 2009

It’s late/early at 5am, so I’ll cut the long story short. After more than five volumes and over 30 chapters, JE is finally stopping scanlation of this wonderful series.

I guess the last straw was this strange but probably well-meaning commenter asking (yet again) for us not to stop scanlating, and to ‘upload chapters 62-65 cos I can’t find it’ — newsflash, dearie, they weren’t done. -_- I was tired (up early again) so my reply was kinda grouchy.

I’ll thank people in an official post with our last GA chapter (I think it’s 65) — but yeah, the main reason is because it’s licensed and available, not to mention other groups are doing it. (We’re touched that you guys think we do it well, but honestly, from 66 on it’ll start to be duplicate work..Also –>) Please buy the manga since they’ve been releasing at a steady pace. ( is an awesome place for rather cheap manga that offers free shipping to boot; I’ve bought from them, and will definitely do so again.) I have a few volumes, and I attest that Tokyopop did a decent job with it. (I only give it a ‘decent’, because not all the sfx were translated. -wry-)

So yeah. Fair warning given. In the meantime, enjoy 62, and comment if you liked it, or to encourage the wonderful Marion to translate 65, thank hazel for this chapter, or encourage Amanda, who’s working on editing 63. (Not to say bye to JE doing GA yet, please do that in the last GA release post. XD)

GA Ch62: 4shared || Ziddu || Release Page
Reminder: Our Gakuen Alice releases are NOT to be distribted anywhere, any time.

M to N no Shouzou Omake Part 1/2 – Merry Christmas!

25 12 2008

Ah well, not much of a Christmas release since chapters being worked on are still not quite done yet, but have a gnaw at a bit of M to N.

The omake is a different story from the usual…I quite like it, actually. Whole thing was damnably long at 45 or so pages, so I cut it into 2 bits; the first part is here.

Merry christmas!

M To N no Shouzou v2 Omake Part 1/2: 4shared || Ziddu || Read Online (Gallery)